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Severe Back Pain

I have had severe back and muscle pain for 20+ years. I’ve done all kinds of natural therapies to help loosen the tight muscles and keep my range of motion. A must in my routine is monthly or sometimes bi-monthly massage. I found Rena in December 2015 after being recommended to her office from my chiropractor. I had just recently moved to the area and it had been over 6 months since my last massage. I could tell after the very first visit that Rena is more than just a standard massage therapist; she truly understands the body and her techniques are unique to each individual. I went in to her office feeling out of it and ‘dizzy’ due to the tight muscles in my neck and upper back. Rena knew right away what to do and, by the end of that visit I was thinking clearly again. I hadn’t had a massage like that in many, many years. I spent years seeing massage therapists that offered standard massages, deep tissue, Swiss etc., but I needed someone that could address my unique and specific issues. Rena identifies the problem and fixes it so that your body can not only be more relaxed, but be free from the problem for good! Her goal is to fix you! I’ve been seeing her now for 5 months and I am a totally different person from the day I walked into her office. I highly recommend anyone from minor to more serious issues to walk, crawl or run to her office for a massage session. You will not be disappointed!

Working Miracles

Rena is a miracle worker! I tore my left calf muscle after having other minor injuries on my right Achilles tendon. As an avid runner who never misses a work-out, I was so disheartened (and in pain) by my calf muscle injury. Rena was highly recommended by my co-workers, so I made an appointment. In just an hour’s time, Rena massaged my calf muscle and relieved my pain. Even better, she taught me how to prevent and relieve future injuries. Rena is an athlete herself, so she understood my drive to continue running, and she put me back on the road with absolutely zero pain in my calf after just one massage. I am so thankful for Rena’s skills, and I would recommend her to every athlete.

Elbow Soreness

I had some soreness in my elbow and Rena worked on it. After the session my elbow was feeling better. I’ve been going to Rena since 1994. Rena gives me a massage on average twice a month. Rena is very knowledgeable about the treatment of different injuries. With Rena’s help I am able to continue working light construction and play softball at the age of 57. She is able to treat any injuries before they get too debilitating.

Chronic Restless Legs

I went to Rena for help which Chronic Restless Legs that was keeping me from getting much sleep at night. I also had a chronic knee pain problem that was preventing me from simply walking any significant distance without tremendous pain that would carry over into the night further compounding my restless legs problem. This has been about my 6th session with Rena. At this point Rena has made a tremendous impact in my health picture. Where I had multiple restless leg episodes daily and thru the nights; I now have maybe one mild episode over a week’s time. Rena is unlike most massage therapists as from years of experience after her medical studies has developed techniques specific for individual pain management which controls pain by releasing the muscles and tendons that are causing the pain giving you extended periods of pain free times instead of just temporary relief. She has helped me where orthopedic doctors could not. The first to give me relief of this significance in restless legs. You owe it to yourself if you have any chronic pain issues to give Rena a chance to help you. She is one of THE best! If you suffer from loss of sleep for any reason over time, you know how it can totally destroy your health and quality of life. I am sleeping so much better and my quality of life is virtually 180 degrees from where I was before I came to Rena.

Unbelievable But True

Ok, no one’s going to believe this, but it’s true. My husband is 85, and has a constellation of medical problems. As a result, he’s used a walker for five years. He’s always accompanied by his nurse for fear he might lose his balance. He started seeing Rena at Step-by-Step last fall; she started with shoulder and upper back work while he was safely seated. In two months, she had graduated him to climbing up on her massage table, and flipping himself over to lie on his stomach, which was astonishing to me. He hasn’t been that nimble in years. Three weeks ago was the real shocker. The nurse was taking him to the doctor’s, and she had told my husband to wait in the car while she got his walker from the back seat. He was in an impatient mood, and opened the car door, stood up and walked up the three steps to the doctor’s office completely unassisted…and stood straight as a rod while doing it! He’s done this twice since (walked unassisted, that is, not got impatient), so it’s no weird fluke. But, that isn’t all. Those reading this that are familiar with prostate cancer will know what the PSA is. Since seeing Rena regularly, my husband’s PSA has dropped from a (steadily climbing) 28 to a jaw-dropping 2.9. We are having his blood-work re-done because no one can believe it, but when I rushed to tell Rena the news, it was as if she knew all about it. “It’s down, isn’t it?” she asked, and I told her, yes, but she couldn’t guess by how much. “It should be around 2 to 6,” she said. I was speechless. I swear that this is all perfectly true, and I’ve got the doctors’ reports to prove it. In any other century, Rena would either have been revered as the Delphic Oracle, or burned as a witch. Rena rules.

Still The Best

After 14 years Rena is Still the Best! Talk about knowledgeable; she spends a ton of time with the patients, goes over exercises, supplements, and ways to make it so that I don’t have to have a massage and adjustment all the time. I don’t have to turn my whole body in the car to look behind me, my neck just works well without and pain when I turn it now. She gives good exercises for constant computer people, and has brought my neck back over my shoulder so that I don’t look like a human turtle anymore. I would definitely recommend anyone who has neck and back pain to her practice.

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